Thursday, July 31, 2008

butt pimples, BS detection, and arsonists.

some of you may remember me mentioning putting up an herbal vinegar made with freshly picked plantain awhile ago. well, it's ready. yesterday, i developed an uncomfortable butt pimple. no lie. it happens. it was bugging the crap out of me, so i decided to try some herbal vinegar on it when i got home (plantain being especially good for boils, bites, and stings). no lie, it stung like crazy, but as soon as the sting went away, so did the discomfort. i checked today, and it has shrank considerably and is no longer a problem. score one for herbal medicine, zero for my untrustworthy backside.

speaking of untrustworthy, i was thinking about this earlier today whilst dealing with some dishonest clients and friendly neighborhood machinery dealers (and also a great conversation on the nature of a long lasting and adult friendship). having been brought up around addicts, one of whom is a 7w8 which makes him a commensurate snakeoil salesman, i have a fairly strong BS detector. this makes me a good salesman, because i pick up on BS long before most. it also makes me a fussy friend, because i am paranoid and not apt to put up with a lot of monkey business. it's essentially one strike and then my BS meter always goes off. if you're living an inauthentic and duplicitous life, you will always be under suspicion. this is okay, though, because i don't tend to surround myself with people i do not trust. it is actually a blessing and i am thankful for when myBS meter goes off, because it allows me to question my own mode of being and motives for socializing. it also allows me to notice where i get hooked in and dragged into other people's crap.

also, we have an arsonist in our neighborhood. literally.
that school playground is about a block and a half away. the cars were maybe three or four blocks. sweet. if by sweet you mean....i am never going to get to sleep tonight, then yes. i think i'm going to send wes up to the store to get a lock for our shed. i dunno what to do about our garage door. it's easy as crap to open.

i got my package from mountain rose. i'll be doing daily nettle infusions now. something's missing, though...there's something else that'd help me as a daily infusion. lemon balm sure as crap would, because it's been one outbreak after another (which points to A - a possible thyroid and or immune problem, which could be the result of ingesting common allergens like dairy [thank you lactose intolerance] and possibly wheat, which would also explain why my boobs hurt so horribly bad last month, or B - emotional issues), but i feel like i'm missing something else. ...ah. mullein or chickweed or cleavers. those are what's coming to mind, and i believe i have all in stock. i should make the herbal blend for my mom tonight. i have this gut feeling she is destined to have colon cancer. i also have a gut feeling that i am well on my way to breast cancer and a double mastectomy.

my sister and i made a delicious eggplant manicotti with creamy pesto last night. used a lot of ingredients from my garden. it was fabulous. but also contained ricotta. which means by the end of the evening, we were both gassy and this morning i was nearly doubled over with intestinal cramps. seriously, dairy free is the way to go for me. dunno why we keep eating this crap.