Wednesday, June 6, 2012

hand foot and mouth and other disasters.

So, we caught the dread hand foot and mouth disease. and by we I mean little bean only. Her doc thought it was scarlet fever. Oh hai, can you say terrifying? By the second day of the rash, it became apparent it was HFM. Thankfully she's recovered with no complications or anything. We had a few very rough nights, where eating and sleeping were in short supply. I don't know why this uploaded all jacked up, but here it is...

spots on the feet were a dead giveaway.

Let's see, what else has been up over here?

We've got our garden good and planted, ripped out some of the ornamentals in front and replaced them with cabbage, dinosaur kale, summer squash, zucchini, mullein, and sage. The potato box is up, the A frames are up, and the squirrels and bunnies are having a field day nibbling and gnawing. Damned critters. Clothesline hung, too. Finally.

small, but a start.

happy little clothesline.

The homesteading bug has bitten me once again, and I've been on the lookout for properties with 20 acres or more within about an hour of our current location. It would be nice to have another family or two to split the payment with. I keep thinking about all the food we could grow and raise and having a labyrinth to walk and having land for the mister to go shoot critters on...

Cooking wise, more of the same lately. Lots of chicken salad, which I eat obsessively and in large quantities. Roast a chicken one night, chicken salad the next. Believe me, there are seldom leftovers. I made some amazing gluten free naan the other day. It was demolished quickly. I am supposed to be making another batch today as well as some banana oat muffins, but the day got away from me, and I have to leave for work in an hour and a half, roughly.

mmm. naan.
Craft wise, I have again been driven to heights of creative production insanity. Three more diapers finished...

one day I will make a diaper with no screwed up snaps...

Made two of these super absorbent ones..
 about 4 more rows to go on my tunic, an embroidery project for hire finished...

 and a hand embroidery project as a gift also finished.

Also hung up a clothesline in the dining room for a magical idea for summer fun. It's going to get a bunch of activities clipped into it, like field trips and craft projects, all ways to have fun during the summer. My Tuesday work will be going away, so about the only day we can't do anything fun will be Thursdays, when I work from 11-9. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate blind sewing elastic? And how much I suck at serging around curves? I also used a bunch of my "worthless" nonabsorbent fleece to serge a bunch more cloth wipes. I love the grippy nature of the fleece for pulling poo from bums and for pulling purees and yogurt from small faces and hands.

Big moyashi is getting better at soccer, because we had to have a talk about his future with the current team. It pains me to say that he is one of the weakest players (we may be the only family on the team that does not eat, sleep, breathe, and live soccer), and I had to let him know that his current team would be moving up to another level, and we were going to try to place him on another team. It seems to have lit a fire under his rear, because he has been practicing like crazy. I'm hoping maybe the coach sees potential for him to advance with the rest of them...we'll see. That's such a sucky thing to have to talk to your kid about. I told him that we would need to see a lot more from him if he wanted to stay with the team...a lot more practice, a lot more work.

I pulled together a bunch of stuff for the start of Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School. All I need to do now is figure out how to print them from my dinosaur of a laptop. I probably have to take it downstairs and plug it directly into the printer. 

*sigh* There's a kitchen floor calling my name. It needs a mopping. With prejudice.