Thursday, October 2, 2008

good things come in small packages.

so, i stopped getting better, got my antibiotics switched, couldn't handle it, switched back.

marsh mallow infusion mixed with salt & baking soda in a neti pot is not my idea of a good time. however, i'm definitely getting better. actually, the last couple of days, i've not been feeling too bad. still coughing up greenish/brownish goo in the morning, but other than that, no pain in the face or head except maybe some transient achiness. i'll be done with my antibiotics tomorrow. definitely got some good suggestions from the herblist.

especially one regarding nettles being drying. uhhh...i thought they were moistening. looks like i haven't been doing myself any favors there. that might explain some things. that, and the fact that nettles=magnesium. and magnesium is not good for the absorption of cephalosporins. durrr.

in addition to the neti pot, i've been downing kefir and yogurt and acidophilus like there's no tomorrow, so...that's good, i suppose.

got some mullein & garlic oil in the mail. yay! i'll probably shove a few drops in the ear tonight, it should help with the congestedness and fluid behind my ear drum. it's still there, it's just not as painful. not nasally stuffed up anymore (not that i was much to begin with). i still haven't manned up and put sesame oil in my sinuses. *shudder* plus, i only have a little tiny bit of calamus root, and i really look forward to working with it more. *sigh* i'll probably just order a little bit and infuse some sesame oil with it. how? how much? how long? dunno. i'll have to find out.

also, used the gift certificate i got from my mom, ordered another matthew wood book and a couple by david hoffmann. *drooooool* i need to finish the matthew wood book i've been working on before i get into the second one, but i've glanced through it, and read up on wood betony. needless to say, i' m super excited to get my package from mountain rose. go go gadget wood betony! i haven't read much over the last month, since i've been sick as crap. i've been doing a little bit of reading here and there, and finally got on top of, and ahead of, my homework. picked up A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick. finished it in two days. it was awesome.

ohhhhh....the garden. most of our tomatoes bit the dust after the remnants of ike charged through. too much moisture after a dry month. we got perhaps a half inch of rain in all of august, and then 5 and a half inches in 2 days! my tomatoes all got radial cracks and then became bug infested. ugh. however, my zucchini came on like gang busters, and was the most successful plant in the garden. mini harvests of beans, the melons never fruited, and my cukes croaked. a good experiment.

in two weeks, wes and i are taking a week off. first "vacation" we've had, either one of us. we're staying home and addressing all sorts of stuff - fixing the wasteful water faucet out front, and putting our raised beds in. i should probably figure out how we're going to do that. it'd be a good idea.

and now for something funny.

i got a call from credit union one today, they were looking for wes. apparently he stopped by the westland branch last night on his way home to deposit his paycheck....they think he drove off with the tube. good job, sweetie. wouldn't surprise me.