Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a long overdue update, part...whatever.

um, wow. so, it's been a few years. a lot has happened, a lot has changed. I'm re-taking-up-the-hobby of blogging. I do a lot, and I like to share, a lot. Or maybe that's overshare?

In any case, cliffs notes version.

November 2009 - got help for my drinking problem. Happily sober since 11/23/09. Hard work, sometimes it sucks, but overall, I've never lived such an awesome, happy, authentic life, and I get to do cool things now, like...oh, I don't know...act like a grownup. Have real relationships. Be happy. Take responsibility for myself. Live in the now. Live with integrity. Moving on...

February 2010 - start living my dream and working full time as a massage therapist.

August 2010 - Find out I am pregnant with my second child. Know I want to do things much differently. Join an amazing super secret local group of attachment parents.

September 2010 through April 2011 - hardest pregnancy ever. Well, I mean, by comparison. Had to quit doing massage therapy. LOST weight being pregnant. Sick, painful, ouchie. Get ready for the birth and care of new sweet baby girl, whom, I might add, is extremely feisty in the womb.

December 2010 - take up fiber arts in the form of knitting. This is followed by crocheting (a little bit) and spinning my own yarn (hardly, but I have the supplies). Also, hand embroidery (taken up earlier in the year) and machine embroidery (taken up earlier in the year).

April 2011 - Sylvia Fae is born. Her birth kicks my ass. 40 hours of labor, vomiting, dehydration, horror, 51 minutes of pushing with her having her back rotated towards my side, me screaming all the time about how my hip is breaking... I would do it again in a heartbeat. Most amazing, breathtaking, powerful experience I've ever had.

One week later - realize my exclusively nursing babe has a cleft palate. Uh, no, they didn't realize in the hospital. *sigh* Break out the pump and start pumping for her. I am happy to say I made it six and a half months attached to that horrible device, through 4 rounds of severe mastitis, raynauds, plugged ducts, thrush, falling supply, and plenty of naysayers. Many make it longer than I, but I am at peace.

April through August 2011 - my beautiful daughter spends most of her time screaming her lungs out. Does not sleep much. Mostly just screams and cries. The dreaded colic.

August 2011 through present - my daughter rocks. She has turned from a screaming demon into this amazing, beautiful, fun, happy baby, and I credit that entirely to attachment parenting. Cosleeping, babywearing, the works.

October 2011 - go back to work a couple of days a week as a spa manager/massage therapist. Put our house on the market for a short sale.

December 2011 - pull my now 7 year old son out of school for home schooling.

December 2011 through early January 2012 - fail miserably at deschooling, making us all miserable. Back to the drawing board.

Which brings us up to today! My son has been on vacation with his grandparents for 8 days, and I miss him terribly, and am looking forward to actually DESCHOOLING when he gets home.

Working on other fiber arts...tie dyed some stuff for my daughter the other day, turned out awesome. Tried my hand at batiking, turned out sucktastic. There are some supplies I need that can be had cheap that I plan to acquire shortly before I make another go-round.

On the home front, we're waiting for a determination from the bank regarding an offer we got. This may take some time. I'm so sad to see our home go, but have made peace with it, and await our next adventure. I will miss our gardens, and want to dig up our perennials and take them with us (strawberries, asparagus, blueberry bushes, various herbs), but that'll have to wait until we find a place, which will be a rental for quite some time anyway. The amazing part about being inspired is that no matter where I go, it will always be home, because I'll make it so.

Current kitchen magic - just pulled off a batch of homemade yogurt from our milk share. It's chilling for a bit, then I'll strain half of it for the whey and probably lacto-ferment something. It's been awhile, but all of a sudden I'm manically (is that a word??) inspired. Husband made wild game gumbo the other night, holy christmas. There's some kitchen magic if there ever was some. I need to pick up some rice flour to start a sourdough culture (yep, still GF). And I've also got water kefir grains out, anxiously awaiting A's return home, so we can make some "soda". Contemplating ordering a bushel of oranges to put up, also paid for and waiting for a ten pound order of local bacon (meat candy co-op? amazing), considering a half pig and a quarter cow from a local farm. It's really hard to come up with cash up front, but there goes a ton of our grocery budget for the whole year, if we can just scrape it together.

So! Onward! I'll be closing down my tumblr which was sporadically updated and shifting the posts over here if I can backdate posts, and I'll be moving on!

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