Wednesday, September 3, 2008

finally. pictures of my yard.

it's been pretty quiet over here, if by quiet you mean anything but.

my birthday was friday, out to dinner and to bowling with some friends, had some people over until the wee hours. that didn't end quite the way i had in mind, and was a great motivator for everyone involved to stop drinking. i know at least 4 people who are cutting back or stopping altogether after friday.

i, for my part, seem to be suffering from an untimely case of gastroenteritis. i actually took at least the morning off, not wanting to get too far from a bathroom. boo. i've been sick for a couple of days now. this is not the most fun i've ever had, but at least i'm not dying from viral meningitis or something. so, not being able to sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time, i finally took pictures of my yard.
A view of the left side of the yard. In the back corner the raised beds are going. We'll start on those sometime this month. The shed is apparently being turned into a mushroom house, according to wes. i have no arguments with that. he's already done a bunch of research, and i'm fairly certain he'll be growing oysters, although he did mention something about maitakes. i don't think he'll grow maitakes, because they're SO easy to find here at the end of summer and in the fall.

my sad little vegetable garden. also, more space for raised beds. it's going to be hard for me to balance my overwhelming desire to farm the crap out of our back yard while still leaving plenty of space for my son to run around in.

we've got a dog run we've always longed to do something in as well. mostly lambs quarters and grape vine back there now, although you can see a rogue zucchini that my husband tossed back there, as it was eaten alive by bugs.

cucmbers on the top, poor things. there are actually cukes growing, but who knows what'll happen to them. the zucchini plants (on the bottom) didn't do so bad. well, comparatively speaking. we let the zuccs get as big as ball bats before we harvested them. there's a flower back there that i would pick and cook if i weren't nauseated enough to require a stockpot next to me at all times.

melons on the top, only one plant survived, and poorly, at that. planted far too late, for certain. on the bottom, my broccoli plants are finally growing, but a pest is eating holes in the leaves. i believe those are pepper plants behind them, which just started to grow last month. behind that, the beans. we've made a few small harvests. they're tasty. and purple.

big plans for this little plot of land, that's for certain.

now, for a cast of characters. or, my unruly band of felines.

on top, off in the distance, you can see bummer. he's not mine, but spends a great deal of time in our yard. bottom is morrison. he and bummer look like twins. morrison was a feral, and a rescue. he's a lover now. very vocal. here, pissed i am taking pictures instead of petting him.

this here is mr. alex. another rescue. this picture belies his size. he's an 18 pound power house. he was nowhere to be found while i was taking pictures, but decided he wanted to come in and "help" while i was uploading them. if by help you mean....sit on my lap and claw at my hands while i was trying to get stuff done. this is his favorite game. in the background, you can see morrison doing his own brand of helping. this consists of sneaking behind the laptop only to walk on it moments later. (and yes, my couch is red).

shu on top, charlotte on the bottom. both are fairly skittish, and prefer to hang out mainly in the bedroom. both are kittens of rescues we've taken in.

and there you have it.

even though i feel wretched, i think i'll do some studying today. i need to accomplish something. other than a nap, which is coming up shortly. i've been sleeping greater than 10 hours a day. i think i'll also order my canning supplies. tincture press is finally on it's way.

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