Wednesday, September 3, 2008

we have a winner!

this has been driving me nuts for some time. it's such a cool looking plant, and we had no idea what it was.

well, i took the whole day off, and i'm feeling a little better. not making a mad dash for the bathroom every 20 minutes, so...that's better. still have gut cramps, especially if i try to eat anything. managed to choke down some real food, and it hasn't given me too much of a problem.

so, on this whole day off, i've done nothing, which has felt INCREDIBLE. i've laid on the couch, laid in bed, read a little of Matthew Woods' book I'm working on, messed around online quite a bit. Catching up on herbalist's blogs. So many got to go to the WHC. ...someday. someone had posted a picture on her blog of a woman holding Montropa uniflora.

which is....indian pipe. which the picture above. plant id'ed. booyah. this makes sense, because proud lake seems to be blanketed in russulas, and indian pipe is parasitic to members of the russulacae.

i'll save the happy dance for another day. i should get off the couch and make some dinner. ...not going to happen.

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